Adnan B. Monsur

Oct 28, 2014
Baguio City, Philippines
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I own a site named and it is accessed through cPanel. About a month ago, when I was clicking my internal link buttons to check if they are working, I got redirected to another . I didn't pay much attention but the problem got severe I think. Nowadays, I can not totally access my site. If I try online (with my browsers, Google chrome or Firefox), with, it says, "Your IP has changed. Log in again". In fact, I checked my IP and it didn't change.

While the browser log-in didn't work, the Web-Disk was still working, but for the last two days, the Wed-Disk stopped working as well. The message is "The folder has been removed". What is my problem? Can any one help me?

If I try to access from my friend's computer, it works. Is there something wrong with my own computer? or the router? or the ISP?

I have recently installed a fresh copy of windows xp Sp3.

I am and English teacher and not a very technical guy even though I know basic html enough to run and design my own site.
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I suggest reporting this issue to your web hosting provider so they can review your account and ensure it's configured properly.

Thank you.