Yum broken? Ksplice/Zymon


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Nov 30, 2008

I recently ran /scripts/upcp to find it just paused at

Updating FTP Server...Ftp Setup Script Version 6.1

and didn't get any further... after leaving it for 10 minutes, I killed the update. Tried again. same thing. killed off the processes, then, on a hunch I tried

yum clean all

This time, I got to

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

and it hung again... in fact, trying to run yum in any way just hung at this message. The only things to have changed was a recent ksplice install, and xymon client - nothing earth shattering...

In the end I gave up and had to restart the machine in the early hours. Once the machine was restarted, I noticed yum-updatesd was in the results from

ps -ef | grep yum

and was still there after 20 minutes... as it's not running on my other servers, I stopped the service before trying to run upcp again, which seemed to go through fine this time...

- far from ideal, but it was beyond my ken to fix it... anyone got any ideas?



Sep 22, 2010
I am also having a problem with yum, mine is a little different though. In your case, try editing the fastestmirror.conf file and setting the following "enabled=0" and see what your results are.