Mar 31, 2002

Last night, I had to get Fedora reloaded on my server. I had my datacenter techs load Core2. They installed it and configured yum to look at their own Core 1 mirror, which of course doesn't seem to have many of the updates.

I updated the server list and set the URLs to Fedora's main site, for Core 2 base and updates. Afterwards, yum gave me a huge amount of updates, listed below.

My question is that should I let yum update all of these packages? Some of them I don't know what they are, but others like "glib", "glibc", etc are vital parts of the the system. I am afraid updating them might cause problems for cpanel and the sytem in general. What should I do?

GConf2                              i386   2.6.0-7                  updates-released
ORBit2                              i386   2.10.0-4                 updates-released
apr-util                            i386   0.9.4-14.2               updates-released
bison                               i386   1.875c-1                 updates-released
compat-db                           i386   4.1.25-2.1               base        
compat-libstdc++                    i386   7.3-2.96.126             base        
cups                                i386   1:1.1.20-11.9            updates-released
cups-libs                           i386   1:1.1.20-11.9            updates-released
cvs                                 i386   1.11.17-2                updates-released
cyrus-sasl                          i386   2.1.18-2.2               updates-released
cyrus-sasl-devel                    i386   2.1.18-2.2               updates-released
cyrus-sasl-md5                      i386   2.1.18-2.2               updates-released
cyrus-sasl-plain                    i386   2.1.18-2.2               updates-released
dhclient                            i386   2:3.0.1rc14-1            updates-released
ethereal                            i386   0.10.5-0.2.2             updates-released
fam                                 i386   2.6.10-9.FC2             updates-released
fam-devel                           i386   2.6.10-9.FC2             updates-released
finger                              i386   0.17-24                  updates-released
foomatic                            i386   3.0.1-3.1                updates-released
ftp                                 i386   0.17-21                  updates-released
gd                                  i386   2.0.21-5.20.1            updates-released
glib2                               i386   2.4.8-1.fc2              updates-released
glibc                               i686   2.3.3-27.1               updates-released
glibc-common                        i386   2.3.3-27.1               updates-released
glibc-devel                         i386   2.3.3-27.1               updates-released
glibc-headers                       i386   2.3.3-27.1               updates-released
gtk2                                i386   2.4.14-1.fc2             updates-released
hwdata                              noarch 0.120-1                  updates-released
iiimf-client-lib                    i386   1:11.4-46.1.svn1587      updates-released
iiimf-client-lib-devel              i386   1:11.4-46.1.svn1587      updates-released
iiimf-protocol-lib                  i386   1:11.4-46.1.svn1587      updates-released
iiimf-protocol-lib-devel            i386   1:11.4-46.1.svn1587      updates-released
info                                i386   4.7-4                    updates-released
initscripts                         i386   7.55.2-1                 updates-released
krb5-devel                          i386   1.3.6-1                  updates-released
krb5-libs                           i386   1.3.6-1                  updates-released
kudzu                               i386               updates-released
kudzu-devel                         i386               updates-released
lha                                 i386   1.14i-14.1               updates-released
libbonobo                           i386   2.6.2-1                  updates-released
libgnome                            i386   2.6.0-3                  updates-released
libpcap                             i386   14:0.8.3-6.FC2.1         updates-released
libpng                              i386   2:1.2.8-1.fc2            updates-released
libpng10                            i386   1.0.18-1.fc2             updates-released
libpng10-devel                      i386   1.0.18-1.fc2             updates-released
libtiff                             i386   3.5.7-22.fc2             updates-released
libuser                             i386   0.52.5-0.FC2.1           updates-released
libuser-devel                       i386   0.52.5-0.FC2.1           updates-released
libwnck                             i386                updates-released
libxml2                             i386   2.6.16-2                 updates-released
libxml2-devel                       i386   2.6.16-2                 updates-released
libxml2-python                      i386   2.6.16-2                 updates-released
libxslt                             i386   1.1.12-2                 updates-released
lynx                                i386   2.8.5-15                 base        
man                                 i386   1.5o1-6                  updates-released
mod_python                          i386   3.1.3-1.fc2.1            updates-released
ncftp                               i386   2:3.1.7-2                base        
net-tools                           i386   1.60-25.1                updates-released
nfs-utils                           i386   1.0.6-22                 updates-released
nscd                                i386   2.3.3-27.1               updates-released
pango                               i386   1.4.1-1                  updates-released
pcmcia-cs                           i386   3.2.7-            updates-released
popt                                i386   1.9.1-0.4.1              updates-released
ppp                                 i386   2.4.2-5.2.FC2            updates-released
rpm                                 i386   4.3.1-0.4.1              updates-released
rpm-build                           i386   4.3.1-0.4.1              updates-released
rpm-devel                           i386   4.3.1-0.4.1              updates-released
rpm-python                          i386   4.3.1-0.4.1              updates-released
rsync                               i386   2.6.2-1.fc2.0            updates-released
samba                               i386   3.0.10-1.fc2             updates-released
samba-client                        i386   3.0.10-1.fc2             updates-released
samba-common                        i386   3.0.10-1.fc2             updates-released
shadow-utils                        i386   2:4.0.3-55               updates-released
slang                               i386   1.4.9-12                 updates-released
slang-devel                         i386   1.4.9-12                 updates-released
sox                                 i386   12.17.4-4.fc2            updates-released
squid                               i386   7:2.5.STABLE5-4.fc2.2    updates-released
strace                              i386   4.5.5-1                  updates-released
system-config-date                  noarch          updates-released
system-config-kickstart             noarch 2.5.19-1.fc2             updates-released
system-config-network               noarch 1.3.17-0.FC2.1           updates-released
system-config-network-tui           noarch 1.3.17-0.FC2.1           updates-released
system-config-samba                 noarch 1.2.22-0.fc2.1           updates-released
system-config-users                 noarch 1.2.28-0.fc2.1           updates-released
tcl                                 i386   8.4.5-7                  base        
tcpdump                             i386   14:3.8.2-6.FC2.1         updates-released
texinfo                             i386   4.7-4                    updates-released
tzdata                              noarch 2004e-1.fc2              updates-released
vim-minimal                         i386   1:6.3.054-0.fc2.1        updates-released
wget                                i386   1.9.1-16.fc2             updates-released
xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL                 i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
xorg-x11-font-utils                 i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
xorg-x11-libs                       i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
xorg-x11-libs-data                  i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
xorg-x11-xauth                      i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
xorg-x11-xfs                        i386   6.7.0-11                 updates-released
zip                                 i386   2.3-26.2                 updates-released