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Aug 22, 2008
Couple Questions for the Pros' out there!

1) We installed and setup CentOS and cPanel on a small 30GB drive is there any way or linux command of cloning the data to a larger drive so we don't have to reinstall and setup/configure everything all over again?

2) What is the best/most popular method of backup on a server these days? to another slave drive or tape backup or remote server? Any suggestions would be Fantasitc.

3) Is there a way to copy and paste a list of domains and IP addresses that our previous server using MDaemon mail server collected? That we can block any e-mail from?

4) For SSL on cPanel is a seperate NIC card needing to be installed along with a seperate static IP? Is this how a domain is given it's own IP address that isn't shared?

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Aug 26, 2008
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You could use something with 'tar' command to "image" all your main disk and dump it on a secondary one. If you google around you will see there are plenty of documentation regarding how to do this. Keep in mind that cloning and imaging are two different concepts.

cPanel has a backup system built-in that allows you to backup your cPanel accounts on a specific folder. You just select the folder path where you want to host your backups (this one may be mounted on a secondary disk or if you have a NAS server you can have it there as well.) and that's it.

Regarding SSL certs, there is no need to add new NIC's, you can add as many as ip addresses you have on a single NIC. You can do this on your WHM panel under IP Functions tab.